Ninty Fresh #08 Winter 2022

Ninty Fresh #08 Winter 2022

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Miss the days of print Nintendo magazines? There had been no Nintendo magazines in the UK since 2014, when ONM (Official Nintendo magazine) closed its doors. As print coverage of Nintendo systems has declined over the years, we felt it was time to bring it back and so we made this!

This eighth issue of Ninty Fresh is available now and features 104 pages crammed full of current and legacy Nintendo content. In issue 8 you’ll find:

26 Pages exploring the phenomenon that is the Star Fox franchise, celebrating almost 30 years since the first title, with bespoke artwork!

20 pages of retro Nintendo coverage, including retrospectives on Mario Kart 8, Wario Ware, Xenoblade Chronicles as well as a look at the DS and 3DS!

Seven of the biggest things in the land of Nintendo since the last issue of Ninty Fresh!

An interview with the the folks behind Star Fox!

Bespoke artwork across the magazine, including our stunning Star Fox cover by IWil Overton!

Some Nintendo Switch game reviews, including Splatoon 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Culto the Lamb and many more, including some DLC and indie spotlights!

Fun and Games pages and much more!

Ninty Fresh originates in the United Kingdom but will ship worldwide. Ninty Fresh is an unofficial publication and is not endorsed or affiliated with Nintendo or any of the companies or products contained within.